3D microtubular cavities: From nanophotonics to optofluidic applications

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3D microtubular cavities: From nanophotonics to optofluidic applications
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وبینار 3D microtubular cavities: from nonophotonics to optofluidic applications

با حضور: Dr. Abbas Madani, postdoctoral research scientist at the Institute for Integrative Nanosciences, IFW Dresden, Germany

زمان برگزاری: یکشنبه 20 اسفندماه 1396 ساعت 18:00 تا 19:00

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Rolled-up nanotech is an invaluable and particularly appealing technique that involves the release and relaxation of nanomembranes and shaped into 3D micro- and nano- architectures. This flexibility of nanomembranes makes them very attractive for a broad range of applications and scientific research fields ranging from nanophotonic to ultra-compact 3D on-chip optofluidic sensors. Recently, rolled-up nanomembranes can be applied to achieve novel 3D optical microcavities.

As rolled-up microtubes can be easily  tune in size and most importantly integrate on chip, they are perfectly suited for the demonstration and the implementation of monolithic integration of vertically rolled-up microtube ring resonators (VRU-MRRs) with photonic waveguides that could offer a novel platform for optofluidic applications [1-5]. In such obtained device, whispering-gallery modes can observed in the telecom wavelength range, and their spectral peak positions shift significantly when measurements are performed while immersing the tubes or filling their hollow cores with water (see Fig.1 (a)). Additionally, owing to the out of the plane light confinement of VRU-MRRs [4], it is expecting that the developed system provides a fascinating opportunity for realization of 3D photonic integration where optical interconnects between multiple photonic layers are required. An exemplary sketch is shown in Fig

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