Lesson Planning & How to Teach Conversation

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Lesson Planning & How to Teach Conversation
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Lesson Planning

The Importance of Lesson Planning are as follows 
Lesson-Planning has certain definite functions to perform which are indispensable in good teaching
Lesson- Planning gives the teacher greater assurance and greater freedom in teaching. The teacher who has planned his lesson wisely, enters the class-room without anxiety, ready to embark with confidence upon a job he understands and prepared to carry it to a workman like conclusion
It provides for adequate lesson summaries, ensures a definite assignment for class, and availability of materials for lesson when needed.It stimulates the teacher to introduce pivotal questions and illustrations.Since lesson planning establishes proper connections between different lessons or units of study, it provides and encourages continuity in the teaching provides and encourages continuity in the teaching process.It ensures association between various lessons in the same main, unit, the selection and organisation of subject-matter, materials and activities.It enables the teacher to know the most desirable type of teaching procedures and to prepare tests of progress and checks for judging the outcomes of instruction.Lesson-planning prevents waste because it helps the teacher to be systematic and orderly. It saves him form haphazard teaching

How to teach conversation

The reason why we have several conversation classes is because of the importance of practicing your speaking in a digital age! Of course,conversations are key to language development. In this workshop we are going to familiarize you with fruitful and effective approaches and techniques in teaching conversation that you can use in your classrooms and meet your students' needs

Aimed at

(all english teachers (pre and in -service

Learning Objectives

:By the end of the lesson planing session participants will have 

examined model lesson plans and analysed the main components
seen how to identify and prioritise the key elements of the lesson and practised writing main aims
examined how a logical order of activities helps to achieve main aims
explored the plan as a practical guide to the lesson with elements including procedure and aims

-reviewed the key elements of writing a lesson plan
- reviewed and extended approaches to planning a lesson which develops students’ language skills, both receptive and productive
- reviewed and extended approaches to planning a lesson which focuses on language systems

how to anticipate problems and fine the best solutions

:By the end of the how to teach conversation session participants will have 

 Approaches and Techniques in Teaching Conversation
 Dos and Dont's in Teaching Conversation
 Observing Sample TPs


Behzad Zamani

Behzad Zamani

Teacher Trainer

Pouria Pourjafar

Pouria Pourjafar

Teacher Trainer

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