Applications of genetics in pharmacy

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Applications of genetics in  pharmacy
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 Applications of genetics in pharmacy “Pharmacogenetics can be defined as the application of genetic analysis to predict drug response, efficacy and toxicity.” More recently, since completion of the Human Genome Project, the term “pharmacogenomics” has come into common use, however, the term “pharmacogenetics” continues to be used interchangeably with pharmacogenomics. The discipline dates back to the 1950s with the observation of variable inherited clinical responses to primaquine, isoniazid and the anesthetic succinylcholine. Today, pharmacogenetics is increasingly being used as part of the drug development pipelines; Reference to drug metabolizing enzymes and genotypes is being given in prescribing information (medication package inserts). Most importantly, pharmacogenetics may provide a way of tailoring the prescribing to individual patients, based on their genetic make-up, with the aim of improving their safety, effectiveness and costeffectiveness – a concept widely known as “personalized medicine.” From a safety perspective, pharmacogenetics may be able to assist in post-marketing surveillance by providing a mechanism for identifying patients at risk of serious and rare ADRs through the rapid development of a genetic test, The Pharmaceutical Journal, 2006

.This presentation is designed to provide interesting information relevant to the application of genetics in the world of pharmacy

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