Artificial Intelligence and Programming with python

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 Artificial Intelligence and Programming with python
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دکتر صابر تقواییان

دکتر صابر تقواییان

Dr. Saber Taghvaeeyan is a Research Specialist in Corporate Research Systems Lab at the 3M Company, Minnesota, US. His research interests are Controls and Estimation, Spatiotemporal Time-Series Analysis, and Multi-Modal Data Fusion. While at the 3M Company, he has been working on projects related to air quality and filtration, worker safety, food safety, smart grids, and manufacturing optimization. He is an inventor on 17 patent applications.
Dr. Taghvaeeyan obtained his BS in Electrical Engineering (Control Systems) at the University of Tehran and PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Control and Estimation) at the University of Minnesota in 2014. During his studies, he has published 8 journal papers (IEEE Transactions on ITS, IEEE Sensors Journal, Applied Physics Letter, Vehicle System Dynamics, and Technology Magazine) and 5 conference papers.


Part I: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence


       What is Artificial Intelligence

       Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Science and Engineering

      Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Mechanical Engineering

 Part II: Developing AI Models with Python and scikit-learn

      Why Python? Why scikit-learn?

      Download and install Anaconda

       Setup Python IDE (Spyder, Jupyter, or Atom)

      Downloading sample dataset and loading

      Developing, training, and testing the AI models

      Advanced topics:

a.       Anaconda vs Miniconda

b.       Git, github, and gitlab

c.       Managing conda environments with yammel file

d.       What is Deep Learning, ANN, CNN, and RNN

آدرس:تهران خیابان کارگر شمالی، بالاتر از جلال آل احمد، پردیس دانشکده های فنی، دانشگاه تهران ساختمان شماره 2، دانشکده مهندسی مکانیک، (ساختمان جدید) - طبقه همکف