Internet of Things Applications in Smart Grid by Using Drones

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Internet of Things Applications in Smart Grid by Using Drones
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 Smart Grids (SG) infrastructure includes the different nodes types having verity communication requirements. They communicate with the Cloud based Control Stations (CS) by transferring different type of information. There are several communication access methods that are able to fulfill the SG nodes communication requirements. The great advantages of wireless communications make it as an appropriate communication access method for SG. Spectrum is a rare resource and in an early future the spectrum scarcity problem makes a huge challenge in communication technology. The centeralized cloud based CS exacerbate this proble. Moreover , managing the cloud will be extremely sophisticated. By introducing localized clouds which are connected to the main cloud, and using Internet Of Things , IoT technology by drones, the SG communication infrastructure will be efficient in sense of energy consumption, spectral efficiency, Cost and so on. The potential of using drones in power and telecommunication technologies by considering the cutting edge technologies would be the main part of the speech. Dorne usage in SG in Iran with diveres geographic condition makes new challangeg for the spesific countries such as Iran. How to elaborate this system in such countries will be discussed in the speech as well.

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