Let's Speak English

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Let's Speak English
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Hi mates,

We will have an English meeting on the coming Sunday 13.01.2019 at 7 pm .

It will be at the Khun-e-Ma Cafe. Located across the 37th alley of Qasr-o-Dasht St., behind the Bus Stop. Note1: we rent the place for two hours which costs us 40 thousand tomans per session. This amount will be divided by number of attendees. Something like 3 or 4 thousand tomans per person. If extra money is collected, it will be used to purchase cold water.

Note2: Have I fixed the time with the owner? Yes, it is done.

Note3: If I do not have cash, May I pay by my debit card, Yes, you may, but it is easier for me to manage it if you have cash.

Address on Google maps:

The topic was chosen by the members at the end of the previous meeting as " Racism ". (By voting)


1. Are some Human Races fundamentally superior to others?

2. Is it racist to discuss the differences between races in certain areas like intelligence, sports, etc.? What do you think about the average IQ differences between races?

3. Is it racist to criticize people's cultures and religions?

4. Is nationalism a form of racism?

Mobile no. : 09108503708 / 09901917308

Find us on Instagram: @letsspeakeng



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