privacy preserving data analysis

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privacy preserving data analysis
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privacy preserving data analysis


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سرکار خانم دکتر مینا شیخ‌علی‌شاهی

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Eindhoven University of Technology


چکیده سخنرانی:

Facing the new challenges brought by a continuous evolving Information Technologies (IT) market, large companies and small-to-medium enterprises found in Information Sharing a valid instrument to improve their key performance indexes. Sharing data with partners, authorities for data collection and even competitors, may help in inferring additional intelligence through collaborative information analysis. Such an intelligence could be exploited to improve revenues, prevent loss coming from brand-new potential cyber-threats, or analysis of medical data. Independently from the final goal, unfortunately information sharing brings issues and drawbacks, which must be addressed. These issues are mainly related to the information privacy. Hence, an information analysis framework must also include a set of mechanisms to ensure confidentiality and privacy of shared information.To address this issue, in this talk, it is assumed that data is distributed between two (or more) parties. For mutual benefits, the data holders are interested in collaborative data analysis on the whole of their data, but for privacy concerns they are not willing to share their original data sets. Different scenarios of the problem are considered and addressed as the following:۱) when data is distributed either horizontally or vertically;۲) when data is planed to be exploited for constructing a clustering algorithm or a classifier ;۳) when different privacy constraints, e.g. data anonymization, secure multi-party computation, or cryptographic approaches, are required;In all these scenarios, it is planed to balance the data utility loss and privacy gain.


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آدرس:تهران دانشکده مهندسی برق و کامپیوتر دانشگاه تهران، طبقه 8 ام اتاق 803