Startup Discussion 9 - Free Discussion on Startups

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Startup Discussion 9 - Free Discussion on Startups
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Startup Discussion is an event to help us share our experiences about the #startup, #business and #entrepreneurial issues in English. It's the place where we are going to share our knowledge, experiences and opinions to improve our skills as a startup enthusiast, startup founderentrepreneurmentorcoach etc

Let's Talk about start-up issues ; The 9th startup discussion is a FREE DISCUSSION on startup

Let's communicate, learn and have fun together


Elnur Naghinezhad

Elnur Naghinezhad

Startup Launcher

Elnur graduated in Management. He used to be a Mentor from 2012 and now he's a professional coach and also a brand strategist

Mohammad Mahravan

Mohammad Mahravan

Business Executive

MBA in marketing, over 10 years of experience in sales and marketing in diverse corporations together with running some e-commerce businesses makes him a verified Business Executive. He is also experienced in teaching English and now directing Startup Discussion

Arezoo Raissi

Arezoo Raissi

Digital Marketer


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