Digital transformation is the future

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Digital transformation is the future
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General Overview:

Start-ups around the world are disrupting traditional rules of the market with the use of digital practices. Learn what digital transformation is, why digital transformation is especially important in Iran, and how you can build your career or grow your business through the growth of digital transformation.  

Who should attend:

Marketers, Technologists, Entrepreneurs

Seminar Breakdown:

Part 1: 12 - 1:45 PM

- What is Digital Transformation & Why is it Important

- Success Stories of Digital Transformation (including examples of Digikala)

Part 2: 2:15 - 4:00

- Career Paths available in Digital Transformation (In Iran or in foreign countries)

- Overview of Data Architecture to drive digital transformation (Data architecture suited for Cloud, Big-Data, Machine Learning)



آدرس:تهران خیابان شانزده آذر، مرکز آموزش های ضمن خدمت دانشگاه تهران